Frontend Engineer at Allegorithmic

We are currently seeking for a Frontend Engineer to help us maintain and relook our community based asset exchange platform, namely Substance Share :

You will also help us maintain our frontends on a growing number of platforms. You'll also be able to evolve on the backend territory too if you're up to!

You'll join our growing Web and DevOps team of 7 people. You used ES6 Promises or Yarn before anyone else? Come and join us!


  • Revamp the UI/UX on the Substance Share platform
  • Develop new user-facing features
  • Build reusable components
  • Collaborate with backend team


  • Javascript master with ES6 knowledge
  • Proficient with CSS and HTML5
  • Good understanding of ReactJS, Babel and Webpack
  • Knowledge of UI/UX best practices


  • Knowledge of Ruby on Rails or NodeJS
  • Basic Docker skills
  • Git aficionado